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Conference Programme 2023


How to make the most of your career in dentistry

12 May 2023
CGDent Professional Development Theatre
How to make the most of your career in dentistry

For those who are making their careers in primary care dentistry, having completed Foundation/Vocational Training, there are a diverse and sometimes confusing range of career options to choose from. This presentation will give a comprehensive overview of career options available and highlight the College of General Dentistry's Career Pathways.

  • Awareness of the range of career options available in primary care dentistry
  • Awareness of pathways that exist to follow various options available
  • Understand the College of General Dentistry’s Certified Membership Scheme
Abhi Pal, General Practitioner - College of General Dentistry
Pouya Zoh, Dentist, Youtuber, Videographer - Two Dentists / Visual Boundaries