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Conference Programme 2024


10 common mistakes to sidestep with your Invisalign cases – insights gained from over 100,000 case posts

18 May 2024
The Aligner Lounge

Learning Content

Dr Jasmin Piran will draw upon a wealth of experience gleaned from analysing over 100,000 case posts on the Aligner Dental Academy Forum to uncover the most prevalent pitfalls encountered with Invisalign treatment.
She will highlight the 10 common mistakes that practitioners frequently make when utilising Invisalign aligners.

Learning Aims

Provide dentists with an overview of the most common mistakes made when planning and carrying out Invisalign treatment. Present dentists with practical solutions that will help avoid making such mistakes and improve the predictability of their own cases.

Learning Objectives

Understand the common mistakes to avoid when planning Invisalign treatment. - Be able to apply practical tips to improve the predictability of their Invisalign cases - Understand the importance of thorough case assessment and SAFE tTreatment pPlanning to improve their case outcomes.
Jasmine Piran, Clinical Director of Smiles by Jasmin - Aligner Dental Academy