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Conference Programme 2024


Four key steps to composite success: why amalgam and composite layering should be left in the past

17 May 2024
Enhanced CPD Theatre
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Learning Content

Posterior composite dentistry can be challenging and with the recent EU position being announced on dental amalgam, many more people are doing posterior composites. However, not many are aware of the 4 major areas of composite failure – etching, bonding, light curing and material choice.  

Learning Aims

Explaining where we stand with amalgam phaseout, when, how, if and why - Look at the common errors made in posterior composite dentistry and how to avoid these - Demonstrate how to maximise patient outcome and your income, while minimising your stress.

Learning Objectives

Discover how to minimise posterior composite failures by implementing four key steps - Learn the current position on amalgam and why and how we need to change - See how layering composites is not efficient and how you can save time without affecting results - Understand how to provide ethical minimally invasive dentistry.
Chris McConnell, Dental Surgeon, Past President British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) - Director & Co-Founder Real Dentist Academy