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Conference Programme 2024


Aesthetic and predictable indirect posterior restoration

17 May 2024
BACD Aesthetic & Digital Dentist Theatre
Aesthetic and predictable indirect posterior restoration

Learning Content

Dr Chum and Dr Dhunna will showcase indirect posterior restorations. The talk will cover a number of topics including material science, choice, and how techniques differ for this. They will be running through predictable and efficient workflows to allow you to understand how techniques are implemented into everyday practice whilst providing excellence.

Learning Aims

Provide a comprehensive overview of indirect posterior restorations - Discuss material science and techniques involved in indirect posterior restorations.

Learning Objectives

Know how to predictably treat posterior teeth with indirect methods - Understand material science in a way that will aid the longevity of restorations - Understand the workflow to provide gold standard treatment.
Ferdi Chum, Associate Dentist - Trinity Dental Courses
Ajay Dhunna, Associate Dentist - House of Dental