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Conference Programme 2024


AI and the future of dentistry

18 May 2024
Dental Business Theatre

Learning Content

With the use of artificial intelligence on the rise in dentistry, it’s more important than ever before to understand its effect on the industry. Could AI help you transform your practice? Our panel of experts will explain everything you need to know.

Learning Aims

For attendees to understand how artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting the profession and the benefits of adding it to your practice to help your business thrive.

Learning Objectives

Understand what artificial intelligence is and how it is being used in dentistry - Understand how introducing AI could benefit your practice - Learn how AI can give you more time to spend with patients.
Les Jones, Creative Director - Practice Plan
Hannah Burrow, CEO & CoFounder - Kiroku
Chris Barrow, Dental Business Coach - The Extreme Buisness 100
Dhru Shah, CEO And Founder - Dentinal Tubules