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An introduction to dental nursing for dental implants

18 May 2024
Dental Nurses' Forum
An introduction to dental nursing for dental implants

Learning Content

An introduction to nursing for dental implants. During this session participants will gain skills and knowledge to enhance their dental nursing career and which can be put into practice in clinic when nursing alongside clinicians who place dental implants.

Learning Aims

Provide an introduction to dental implants - Discuss how to set up for surgical implant procedures - Present skills involved in nursing alongside a clinician who places implants - Discuss post-qualification in implant nursing.

Learning Objectives

Understand what dental implants are, including their components, materials, common uses, and their significance in modern dentistry - Know the necessary steps and protocols for preparing the dental operatory and equipment for implant placement procedures - Develop skills to assist dental clinicians effectively during implant procedures.
Natalie Marucci, Dental Nurse - British Association of Dental Nurses