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Conference Programme 2024


An introduction to Exocad

17 May 2024
Digital Dentistry Theatre (DTS)
A , B , C , D

Learning Content

Curious about dental scanners? Join Adam Nulty as he navigates the landscape of available options and helps you choose the perfect scanner for your practice needs.

Learning Aims

To introduce participants to the fundamentals of Exocad, a leading dental CAD software - To explore the capabilities and tools within Exocad that enhance dental restoration and implant planning - To demonstrate practical applications of Exocad in everyday dental practice for improved patient outcomes - To highlight the updates and advanced features in the latest version of Exocad.

Learning Objectives

Understand the basic interface and key functionalities of Exocad software - Be able to navigate and utilise different tools within Exocad for designing dental restorations - Develop the skills to apply digital workflows in dental practices using Exocad for efficient treatment planning - Gain confidence in integrating Exocad into daily dental practice to enhance the quality and precision.
Adam Nulty, President & Course Director - International Digital Dental Academy
Andrew Flatters, Principal Dentist - Paragondental
Jonathan Schwarzmann, Principal Dentist - White House dental