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Conference Programme 2024


Beyond the smile: the impact of clear aligners

18 May 2024
BACD Aesthetic & Digital Dentist Theatre
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Beyond the smile: the impact of clear aligners

Learning Content

In this engaging presentation, Dr Morrison invites her colleagues to explore the intricate process of achieving long-lasting results for patients utilising clear aligner therapy, emphasising both aesthetics and function. Join Dr Morrison on this journey as she charts the course toward achieving equilibrium and beauty in a patient's smile and oral health.

Learning Aims

Provide a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between orthodontics and health - Emphasise the importance of achieving a harmonious balance between aesthetics and function for patients.

Learning Objectives

Understand how providing clear aligner therapy can impact daily practice - Understand the positive outcomes of clear aligner therapy for patients - Be able to identify patients that can benefit from tooth alignment from functional and oral health perspectives.
Millie Morrison, Cosmetic Dentist - BACD