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Conference Programme 2024


Demystifying Class 3 Malocclusions: Predictable management using the Invisalign System

18 May 2024
The Aligner Lounge

Learning Content

Dr Gina will demonstrate how she assesses, and treatment plans mild to moderate class 3 cases as a GDP to achieve functional and aesthetic outcomes. During this presentation you will learn about the importance of diagnosis and understanding the severity of the malocclusion, and how to integrate intermaxillary elastics into your class 3 treatments with the Invisalign System. 

Learning Aims

Describe the aims of orthodontic treatment in the management of adult patients presenting with Class 3 malocclusions - Demonstrate the use of 3D controls, occlusion tool and precision cuts in the planning process in ClinCheck Pro software - Explain the challenges that are present in management of Class 3 cases, and how dentist and patient expectations can be appropriately set from the first appointment.

Learning Objectives

Understand ideal treatment goals for finishing Class 3 malocclusions - Understand how to translate the treatment goals for mild to moderate Class 3 cases into the planning process with ClinCheck Pro software using 3D controls - Understand how to select the correct elastics to reinforce anchorage in mild to moderate Class 3 malocclusions.
Gina Vega, Principal Dentist - Bishopsgate Dental Care