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Conference Programme 2024


Elevate your quadrant direct and indirect dentistry

17 May 2024
Next Generation Conference
Elevate your quadrant direct and indirect dentistry

Learning Content

This presentation follows on from posterior composites made simple; it continues the journey of restoring one tooth well and now looking at multiple teeth in a quadrant. The problems that are faced, include case planning, management and execution.

Learning Aims

Appreciate how to restore quadrant dentistry - It allows dentists to be more efficient and effective in their treatment whilst becoming more profitable at the same time.

Learning Objectives

Quadrant dentistry planning - Appreciate the importance of assessing and checking occlusion - How to theoretically achieve contact areas when dealing with multiple adjacent restorations - The benefits of direct vs indirect restorations and knowing when to use either technique - Options for management of quadrant dentistry when
Nikhil Sethi, Director of Elevate Education and principal dentist - Square Mile Dental Centre and Dental Beauty Basildon
Viraj Patel, Associate Dentist - Peelhouse Dental Care