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Conference Programme 2024


Embrace the future of treatment monitoring: using Invisalign virtual care AI

18 May 2024
The Aligner Lounge
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Learning Content

Join Dr Millie Morrison to learn how she has embedded Invisalign Virtual Care AI, Align Technology’s remote monitoring solution, across her digital workflows to enhance patients’ experiences and improve practice efficiencies. Ensure you stay ahead of your patients’ expectations with this session on Invisalign Virtual Care AI.

Learning Aims

Demonstrate the patient and practice benefits of a remote monitoring solution - Demonstrate how to integrate Invisalign Virtual Care AI into existing practice workflows - Demonstrate tips and tricks to maximise patient engagement with remote monitoring and when to book face-to-face appointments.

Learning Objectives

Understand the potential benefits of virtual monitoring using Invisalign Virtual Care AI - Access and use the Invisalign Virtual Care platform to review intraoral photos, set preferences and personalised messages and review protocols - Understand how to manage patient expectations and engage patients using remote treatment monitoring.
Millie Morrison, Cosmetic Dentist - BACD