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Facial aesthetics: getting started and making it a success

17 May 2024
Facial Aesthetics Theatre
Facial aesthetics: getting started and making it a success

Learning Content

This lecture is aimed at dentists at all levels who wish to embark on their facial aesthetics journey with confidence. Prof Khanna has an international reputation for teaching safe, strategic methods to ensure complication free predictable outcomes and patient satisfaction. In addition, he will discuss how to achieve the Royal Society of Public Health qualification.

Learning Aims

Understand the importance of a comprehensive facial assessment - How and when to use BTX and dermal fillers - How to effectively market facial aesthetics to your patients - Pricing strategies to ensure ethical profitability - How to inspire and build your team.

Learning Objectives

The lecture will enable dentists to get a good understanding of how to implement facial aesthetic procedures in their clinic, following the appropriate training pathway at the DRBKTI. Delegates will learn the importance of combination therapies to optimise clinical outcomes - How to implement them in practice - Why you should offer facial aesthetics to your patients.
Bob Khanna, Clinical Director - Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, Principal of DrBK clinic