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Fluoride champions in orthodontics

17 May 2024
Specialty Interest Theatre
Fluoride champions in orthodontics

Learning Content

In the wake of the pandemic, children are struggling to access routine primary care dentistry which has had knock on effects in the provision of orthodontic care. This talk will discuss the steps the British Orthodontic Society have taken to help support GDPs with the preventative intervention of fluoride varnish application in the orthodontic setting.

Learning Aims

Discuss the need for overlap in primary and secondary dental care services in the provision of fluoride varnish application - Present resources available for further training and for DCPs to gain fluoride varnish as an additional skill.

Learning Objectives

Understand the importance of oral hygiene and diet in the prevention of white spot lesions in orthodontic patients - Understand the role of fluoride in the prevention of white spot lesions in orthodontic patients.
Esme Warren-Westgate, Post-CCST Orthodontic Registrar - Royal Derby Hospital