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Conference Programme 2024


How women are shaping the future of Dentistry

17 May 2024
Dental Business Theatre
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Learning Content

With over 50% of recent dental graduates being woman, the landscape of dentistry is changing dramatically in response to shifting goals and priorities. We talk to the prominent women in dentistry to understand how women are influencing and shaping the future direction of dentistry in the UK.

Learning Aims

For attendees to understand what it’s like to be a women in dentistry, which was once a male dominated profession.

Learning Objectives

Understand the challenges women face in the profession - Understand what impact more than 50% of recent dental graduates being women, has on the profession - Learn how women are shaping the future of dentistry.
Zoe Close, Head of Sales - Practice Plan
Cerise Harriss, Principal Dentist - Appletree Dental Surgery
Sarah Canavan, GDP and Chair - GDPC Associates Group, BDA
Hannah Grieves, Dental Nurse Development Manager - {my}dentist
Farzeela Rupani, Chief Medical Officer - Colosseum Dental UK and Europe