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Conference Programme 2024


Integrating automated treatment planning into your clear aligner workflow for maximum efficiency

17 May 2024
The Aligner Lounge

Learning Content

Witness the next step in digital orthodontic treatment planning with Align Technology’s innovative prescription and planning software. Join Dr Mohsen Tehranian to learn how he maximises efficiency using automisation of prescriptions and treatment planning. Dr Tehranian will explain how he modifies the setup for different malocclusions and share the benefits it has had for his practice.

Learning Aims

Outline the Invisalign automated treatment planning workflow - Demonstrate the benefits IPP can have for patient and practice workflow - Demonstrate how to implement Invisalign clear aligner treatments using flexible prescription.

Learning Objectives

Understand patient and practice workflow impacts of using automated treatment planning - Understand the steps needed to complete the prescription and create the treatment plan - Understand implementation of treatment planning innovations across a range of treatments.
Mohsen Tehranian, Principal Dentist - DreamSmile Dental Clinic