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Conference Programme 2024


IV Sedation: why it’s important in dentistry

18 May 2024
Specialty Interest Theatre
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Learning Content

IV Sedation is an important component of modern day dentistry  - the ability to reduce fear and anxiety is crucial, especially when carrying out long and complex procedures. In this talk Dr Rob Endicott and Dr Mohammed Jawad from the Association of Dental Anaesthetists and Sedationists share some important tips and tricks and hope to break some myths about sedation.

Learning Aims

Provide an update on the standards in IV Sedation in Dentistry - Raise awareness of sedation as a means to reduce patient anxiety and facilitate treatment.

Learning Objectives

Understand the GDC standards on managing patient anxiety - Understand how sedation can improve case acceptance - Better assess a patient's suitability for sedation.
Rob Endicott, Dentist - Association Of Dental Anaesthetists and Sedationists
Mohammed Jawad, Consultant Anaesthetist - Association Of Dental Anaesthetists and Sedationists