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Conference Programme 2024


Medical Emergencies

18 May 2024
Enhanced CPD Theatre
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Medical Emergencies

Learning Content

This session will provide delegates with the core CPD of recognising and managing medical emergencies in the dental setting and be able to risk assess a genuine incident that requires immediate action. This includes implementing the  ABCDE approach and the necessary skills to recognise signs of patient deterioration.

Learning Aims

This training session is intended to create an understanding of the need to apply effective management measures in dealing with a full range of medical emergencies in the dental setting and reduce potential risk factors to both patients and members of the dental team.

Learning Objectives

Gain knowledge of the ABDCE approach - Recognise the signs and symptoms of medical emergencies in patients attending for dental treatment - Respond immediately to a patient suffering from a full range of emergency situations - Understandthe NEW score (National Early Warning Score) - Care for the patient in an appropriate way following all practice protocols.
Margaret Neary, CPD Lecturer & Consultant