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Conference Programme 2024


Minimal invasive treatment in the atrophied bone and the BTB approach

18 May 2024
Specialty Interest Theatre
Minimal invasive treatment in the atrophied bone and the BTB approach

Learning Content

Minimally invasive treatment strategies in atrophied bone represent a paradigm shift towards precision, efficacy, and patient-centered care. Application of advancements in implants, implant placement and engineering principles creates predictable, successful outcomes and improves the quality of life for individuals with bone atrophy conditions.

Learning Aims

Develop skills related to implantology in atrophied bone scenarios, including understanding implant stability, selecting appropriate implant designs (Pterygoid implants, tissue level implants, two piece implants) - Develop a comprehensive skill set and knowledge base necessary for effective and ethical practice in the realm of minimally invasive treatment in atrophied bone conditions.

Learning Objectives

Gain a comprehensive understanding of minimally invasive treatment options for atrophied bone and their applications in clinical practice - Understand bone atrophy - Treatment principles - Implantology in atrophied bone - Surgical techniques - BTB approach - Patient selection.
Henri Diederich, Doctor of dental medicine - Cortically Fixed Academy