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Conference Programme 2024


Navigating complexity in Class 2 cases using Invisalign clear aligners

17 May 2024
The Aligner Lounge

Learning Content

Class 2 malocclusions can present across a range of complexities, from mild dental to complex skeletal aetiologies. Managing severe cases requires knowledge of causal factors and effective planning of anchorage. Join Dr Colm O’Loghlen to gain insights in how to utilise interarch elastics to manage anchorage and how to spot red flags when assessing cases.


Learning Aims

Demonstrate the factors that can contribute to Class 2 malocclusions and increased overbite such as a hyperactive mentalis or tongue thrusting and how these can influence treatment predictability - Demonstrate which cases can benefit from using Class 2 elastics and how to use them - Outline potential treatment pathways for Class 2 patients wanting clear aligner treatment.

Learning Objectives

Assess patients with greater understanding of the aetiological factors in Class 2 malocclusions - Understand potential treatment options available using the Invisalign System including posterior IPR and sequential distalisation - Be aware of anchorage issues and how to use elastics to manage them.
Colm O'Loghlen, Principal Dentist - Bridge Place Dental Practice