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Conference Programme 2024


Expansion using the Invisalign system: the good, the bad and the ugly

18 May 2024
The Aligner Lounge

Learning Content

In the process of transforming over 900 patients’ smiles using Invisalign Clear Aligners, Dr Martina Hodgson has explored and scrutinised how to predictably achieve expansion to create space. Discover how to plan expansion integrating aligner activations, attachments and overcorrections and transform your clear aligner cases.

Learning Aims

Outline the biomechanics of posterior expansion in clear aligner cases - Demonstrate how to plan expansion using ClinCheck Pro software, integrating attachments and overcorrections - Demonstrate potential challenges of expansion including poor patient compliance and buccal crown tipping, and how to overcome these challenges.

Learning Objectives

Understand biomechanics of expansion at a tooth and arch level - Understand the tools available in ClinCheck Pro software, including 3D controls and G8 innovations to plan expansion - Be aware of challenges of expansion and how to manage these during treatment.
Martina Hodgson, Principal Dentist - The Dental Architect and The Dental Studio