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Why use a specialist finance dental broker?

18 May 2024
Practice Owners & Business Management Theatre
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Why use a specialist finance dental broker?

Learning Content

This session will examine the benefits of utilising a specialist broker; the difference in rates and the banks understanding of the deal; a market overview and what a broker can do for you; an overview of the Dental Elite Finance team; potential rates available from brokers.

Learning Aims

Emphasising the importance of communication and the need for clear and concise information - Highlighting the types of challenges and queries that can be raised - Obtaining consent and the reasons why this is needed - How to work as a team to achieve the desired goal.

Learning Objectives

Gain a greater understanding of the benefits of using a specialist finance dental broker Have awareness of the process, including the steps taken with initial consultation, collating accounts, schedules, performance statistics, and area/location Explore the specific support a broker can provide from completion to inception through to application, sanction, valuation, loan documents and drawdown.
Luke Shelton, Finance Broker - Dental Elite Dental Practice Sales
Bill Carr, Finance Consultant - Finance and Recruitment Services