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Conference Programme 2024


Empowering change: shifting perspectives on periodontal health

17 May 2024
Dental Hygienist & Therapist Symposium
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Empowering change: shifting perspectives on periodontal health

Learning Content

We will look at the issue of periodontal disease, a wholly preventable and management condition considering: - how dental professionals communicate with patients - the role of patient and home care - engagement with commercial organisations - behaviour change - The session will offer key takeaways and actionable insights for you to implement in practice.

Learning Aims

Drive consideration of the challenges in improving periodontal health globally - Encourage the adoption of techniques to engage and motivate patients to engage in better oral care at home - Understand the role of practitioners and the patient in achieving better periodontal health

Learning Objectives

Identify barriers to effective communication between patient and practitioner - Explore the role of the patient in achieving and maintaining oral health - Consider practical approaches to engage and motivate patients to better outcomes - Share techniques for driving behaviour change amongst patients and the profession.
Tim Newton, Professor of Psychology as Applied to Dentistry - King's College London
Amit Frankie Rai, GDP, Practice Owner and Dento-Legal Adviser - Feelgood Dental
Rhiannon Jones, President Elect of the BSDHT, Dental Therapist for the South West Cleft Team - BSDHT