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Conference Programme 2024


Unlocking the secrets of facial aesthetic in dentistry

17 May 2024
Facial Aesthetics Theatre
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Unlocking the secrets of facial aesthetic in dentistry

Learning Content

Get started in aesthetics and gain insights into creating natural, sought after results while still optimising patient outcomes and profits, as well as reducing chair time. Learn from Dr Jabbar's extensive experience and discover the key to a successful clinic and career transition into injectables.

Learning Aims

Understand the principles of facial aesthetics in dentistry. - Learn strategies to enhance patient outcomes and increase profitability. - Gain insights into successful clinic management in the field of facial aesthetics. - Explore career transition opportunities into injectables and facial aesthetics.

Learning Objectives

Understand the fundamentals of facial aesthetics in dentistry. - Recognise techniques to maximise patient satisfaction and profit margins. - Identify key factors for successful clinic management in facial aesthetics. - Recognise opportunities and steps for transitioning into a career in injectables and facial aesthetics.
Thuha Jabbar, Cosmetic Dentist - Derma Medical