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Conference Programme 2024


Digital protocols for treatment planning the restorative-aesthetic interface

17 May 2024
BDA Theatre
Digital protocols for treatment planning the restorative-aesthetic interface

Learning Content

Benefits of digital dentistry and its role in planning and delivery of aesthetics focused restorative treatment will be highlighted. The concept of using digital technologies to problem solve or highlight clinical challenges will also be introduced. Clinical cases involving prosthodontic and surgical interventions will help illustrate workflows that optimise the delivery of contemporary care.

Learning Aims

To explore the integration of digital technologies into the planning and delivery of restorative treatment plans with an aesthetic focus.

Learning Objectives

Examine the role digital technologies play in the assessment and treatment planning of aesthetic cases - Understand how digital planning subsequently translates into the clinical delivery of aesthetic treatment - Illustrate these workflows with clinical cases and suggest protocols for use in everyday practice.
Jonathan Mynors-Wallis, Board member, - BDA
Matthew Brennand Roper, Consultant and Specialist in Restorative Dentistry, Specialist in Prosthodontics - Bristol and London