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Unravelling the rules around dental radiography

17 May 2024
Dental Hygienist & Therapist Symposium
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Unravelling the rules around dental radiography

Learning Content

Recent changes have made it easier for DCPs to undertake dental radiography within their scope, however confusion still exists around prescribing and reporting of images. This session aims to unravel and demystify some of the rules and regulations underpinning dental radiography and how they relate to the clinical practice of dental hygienists and dental therapists.

Learning Aims

Provide an update on the rules, regulations and guidance surrounding dental radiography - Provide an update on referral for dental radiography for dental hygienists and dental therapist - Discuss justification and selection of appropriate radiographs - Discuss the role of dental hygienists and dental therapists in the clinical evaluation of images within their scope of practice.

Learning Objectives

Be able to explain the principles of selection criteria and quality assurance - Be able to take a justified decision when prescribing radiographs to formulate a diagnosis and subsequent treatment planning - Gain a deeper understanding of their role in providing a clinical evaluation of dental radiographs.
Bev Littlemore, Course Director for Dental Hygiene and Therapy and Professional Lead for Dental Programmes - Bangor University