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Posterior composites made simple

17 May 2024
Next Generation Conference
Posterior composites made simple

Learning Content

General dental practice is not as simple as we would like to assume. Longevity of restorations is not down to using the best materials alone.

Understanding the process for restorations of posterior teeth using composite is not new but still presents many dentists withproblems they struggle to overcome.

Learning Aims

This presentation will provide a walk-through of daily practice for restoring posterior teeth with composite restorations in a series of checklist steps.

Learning Objectives

The principles of contemporary cavity design - The importance of adhesion and isolation - Theory on how to achieve contact areas predictability - The principles of contemporary layering composite - The importance of good light curing - Adjusting occlusion and finishing and polishing.
Nikhil Sethi, Director of Elevate Education and principal dentist - Square Mile Dental Centre and Dental Beauty Basildon