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Conference Programme 2024


The cracked tooth pandemic

18 May 2024
Specialty Interest Theatre
The cracked tooth pandemic

Learning Content

Demystify cracked teeth from diagnosis to management. The lecture will cover classification and highlight diagnostic tips and tricks. The infamous “cracked tooth syndrome” will be explained and its management clarified. We will debate the role of endodontic treatment and its need as well as delivering for structurally vulnerable teeth. Explore the prognoses of teeth with cracks.

Learning Aims

Diagnose and manage cracked teeth - Understand when to treat and when to extract - Appreciate the prognosis of cracked teeth and how to communicate this to your patients.

Learning Objectives

Understand the classification of cracked teeth - Appreciate how to diagnose cracks - Learn how to manage cracked tooth syndrome - Be able to understand when endodontic treatment is indicated and how to deliver this.
Dipti Mehta, Specialist and Consultant in Endodontics - British Endodontic Society