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The four pillars of dental nursing advocacy

18 May 2024
Dental Nurses' Forum
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The four pillars of dental nursing advocacy

Learning Content

Dental nursing advocacy is under-represented, yet every dental nurse and dental nursing student would benefit from understanding the four pillars, all of which are vital throughout any dental nurse’s career, from restorative clinical supervision, career conversations, personal action for quality improvement and advocacy for patients and the dental nursing workforce.

Learning Aims

Introduce the concept of dental nurse professional advocates (DNPA) - Discuss the relevance of DNPA to the dental nursing workforce and how this will help the profession move forwards positively.

Learning Objectives

Understand the concept of Dental Nurse Professional Advocates - Understand how the role can be best utilised in every dental nurse setting - Appreciate the need to come together to create change for dental nursing - Analyse success in allied professions.
Fiona Ellwood BEM, Executive Director - Society of British Dental Nurses