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Conference Programme 2024


The future of NHS Dentistry

18 May 2024
Dental Business Theatre

Learning Content

Practice Plan’s Sales and Marketing Director, Nigel Jones, and Eddie Crouch of the BDA come together to discuss what the future really holds for NHS dentistry. Dental deserts, the still undelivered new contract and the Government’s recent ‘Rescue Plan’ will all be under the microscope. So, strap yourself in for what promises to be a lively, provocative, and interactive conversation.

Learning Aims

For attendees to understand what the future holds for NHS dentistry primarily in England - Attendees will learn about the government's proposed recovery plan, what NHS dentists are experiencing and hear predictions for the future of NHS dentistry, based on the current facts.

Learning Objectives

Learn about the most up-to-date information available to NHS contract holders on the recently unveiled NHS dental recovery plan, clawback, and the impact this has on the profession - Understand how the current challenges faced in NHS dentistry are impacting dental teams and patient care - Hear the panel’s predictions for the future of NHS dentistry based on the current facts.
Nigel Jones, Sales and Marketing Director - Practice Plan
Eddie Crouch, Chair - BDA