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The intertwining journey of diabetes and periodontal health

18 May 2024
Specialty Interest Theatre
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The intertwining journey of diabetes and periodontal health

Learning Content

Diabetes and periodontal disease are two highly prevalent chronic diseases that have a biological link. A two-way relationship exists between the two diseases with each negatively impacting the other. Treatment of periodontitis results in improvements in glycaemic control. This presentation will update on the links, and provide guidance for the dental team in managing patients with diabetes.

Learning Aims

Provide an update and increased understanding of the links between periodontitis and diabetes - Discuss the importance of working collaboratively to improve the care of patients with diabetes, especially in regard to oral health.

Learning Objectives

Have increased knowledge of diabetes and periodontitis and the bidirectional links between the diseases - Have an increased awareness of the impact that periodontal treatment can have on diabetes control - Have an increased understanding of potential roles for the dental team in contributing to the management of patients with diabetes and periodontitis.
Philip Preshaw, President - British Society of Periodontology & Implant Dentistry