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Understanding career progression pathways for dental nurses

18 May 2024
Dental Nurses' Forum
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Understanding career progression pathways for dental nurses

Learning Content

The Dental Nurse Retention Survey 2023 report highlighted the relevance and necessity of career pathways as a positive retention feature for the UK’s dental nurse workforce. Debbie will share one such pathway which is open to all dental nurse registrants, the career pathway offered by the College of General Dentistry.

Learning Aims

Provide a background and structure underpinning the College of General Dentistry (CGDent) - Detail the CGDent ‘Membership’ and ‘Career Pathway’ routes available to DCPs - Illustrate the ‘Career Pathway’ route from the dental nurse perspective - Discuss next steps for those wishing to find out more or engage with CGDent.

Learning Objectives

Have an awareness of the College of General Dentistry’s Career Pathways for dental nurses - Be aware of different career progression pathways open to dental nurses - Understand how having clear career progression pathways impacts workforce retention.
Deborah Reed, Reader (Associate Professor ) in Faculty Development - Faculty of Life Science and Medicine at Kings College London