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Conference Programme 2024


Universal adhesives – how to stick it to your patients

18 May 2024
BACD Aesthetic & Digital Dentist Theatre
Universal adhesives – how to stick it to your patients

Learning Content

More than 80% of dentists use more than one adhesive in their practice, thus the clinical value of Universal Adhesives needs to be clarified. This course will recap the generations and discuss their challenges; Bottles vs. Unit dose, Etching options and the removal of primers from the practice. 

Learning Aims

To provide clinicians with a clearer understanding of the capabilities and limitations of various Adhesive Generations -To identify and explain how Universals work on all surfaces, both natural dentition and a myriad of today’s prosthetic substrates -To identify the causes of common adhesive failures and provide proven solutions to those issues.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion, the attendee will have a deeper understanding of the various clinical shortcomings of the prior generations of adhesives - To understand how their current adhesive armamentarium can be streamlined to save time, money and materials - To be confident in introducing a Universal Adhesive system into their office knowing that they can continue to provide the highest standards.
Gregor Connell, North American Director of Clinical Education, VOCO North America - VOCO Canada/America & GmbH