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Conference Programme 2024


Unlocking the 5 core strategies for expanding your Invisalign business

17 May 2024
The Aligner Lounge

Learning Content

In this lecture, you will be presented with a comprehensive roadmap for expanding their Invisalign business through the exploration of five core strategies.

Drawing upon years of industry expertise and successful implementation, Dr Barry Buckley delves into each strategy, providing actionable insights and practical tips for immediate application.

Learning Aims

Provide an overview on how to increase your Invisalign business and improve efficiencies in your practice to enhance productivity.

Learning Objectives

Understand how to carry out audits in yourpractice to review current Invisalign income - Be able to implement sales and marketing strategies in your own practices to help increase your Invisalign business - Understand how to better communicate to patients to improve patient conversion.
Barry Buckley, Aligner Dental Academy Co-Founder & General Dentist - Aligner Dental Academy