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Conference Programme 2024


What are the priorities for dentistry and oral health?

17 May 2024
Enhanced CPD Theatre
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Learning Content

Update on current priorities for the whole dental family. In particular, what is affecting the mental health and wellbeing of the workforce. How should skills mix impact how care is delivered. Potential future reform plans for delivery of NHS dentistry, including updates on the current recovery and reform plan. Examine how working towards right touch regulation is important.


Learning Aims

Understand the issues that are most affecting the whole dental team. - Provide an update as to current policy issues that affect the entire dental team - Update to on the dentistry recovery plan as well as potential future dental contract reform - Highlight on work on patient and practitioner safety as well as the regulatory system.

Learning Objectives

Understand the current policy priorities affecting oral health and dentistry - Understand the advantages of skill mix - Have an appreciation of the dental workforce situation as it stands - How policy and system issues can affect front line delivery of care.
Jason Wong MBE, Chief Dental Officer England - Department of health and social care & NHS England