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What Is neurodiversity and what is my role as a dental nurse?

18 May 2024
Dental Nurses' Forum
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What Is neurodiversity and what is my role as a dental nurse?

Learning Content

Explore the essence of neurodiversity and its significance in dental care settings as we delve into specific ways dental nurses can contribute to providing optimal oral health support for neurodivergent patients. This session will offer practical insights and strategies to enhance your dental care approach, helping you support neurodivergent patients with empathy and professionalism.

Learning Aims

Increase dental nurses' understanding of neurodiversity and its relevance in dental care - Guide dental nurses in recognising their role in creating a neurodivergent-friendly environment and delivering inclusive care - Discuss practical ways to support neurodivergent patients in maintaining optimal oral health, addressing their unique oral health needs with empathy and professionalism.

Learning Objectives

Define neurodiversity and acknowledge the variety of neurological differences among individuals - Identify common neurodivergent traits and understand how they manifest in the dental care setting - Recognise oral health manifestations and challenges experienced by neurodivergent patients - Increase knowledge about person-centred communication and enhance skills in adapting dental procedures.
Sarah Haslam, Mouth Care Nurse - Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust/BADN
Joycee Rebelo, BADN Education Committee Member - British Association of Dental Nurses