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This lack of
anticipatory design, especially when it involves
healthcare equipment, can alienate a whole
demographic of end users who equally deserve
and need the same comfort and safety.

This is certainly true of bariatric dental patients.
Research into this topic highlights that patients
considered clinically obese may not be able to sit
in a standard dental chair.

When interviewing several dental chair
manufacturers, Reilly and colleagues (2009)
found that the maximum lifting weight for
modern dental chairs is approximately 140kg – a
maximum lifting weight that isn’t compatible with
bariatric patients who weigh more than 159kg.
Further research highlights how patient anxiety
varies among patients who are obese and those
who are a ‘normal’ weight, with obese women
experiencing a higher rate of dental-related fear
(Marshall et al, 2016).
While dental anxiety isn’t exclusive to obese
patients, this fear can lead to a harmful cycle
of symptom-driven dental care, over and
above attending regular check-ups. This lack of
consideration for obese patients in equipment
design has restricted dental professionals’
provision of care, with many having to suggest
alternative care options like dental hospital
referrals or refusing treatment due to safety and
weight limitations.
With obese dental patients becoming more
prevalent, dental equipment companies should
begin questioning the implications of how they
can better serve this underserved end user.

The A-dec 500 dental unit is designed for
everyone’s comfort and safety. With a maximum
lifting weight of 227kg, dental professionals canrest assured that they won’t experience the same
weight limit restrictions that prohibit the safe
treatment of bariatric patients.
Venkata Kalisetty of Willow Street Dental shares
his experience of buying an A-dec 500: ‘Having
a powerful chair that can take the weight of a
patient who is 223kg was non-negotiable, as our
goal was to fulfil an NHS contract, which required
the installation of at least one dental unit that
caters to bariatric patients.
‘We spoke to several manufacturers and
reviewed several brands on the market, as well as
attended multiple showroom appointments, but
we were unsuccessful in finding a suitable dental
chair that would be equally safe and comfortable
for our bariatric patients.
‘We were thrilled to find the features on the
A-dec 500 more than accommodate the comfort
and safety of our bariatric patients. From the
backrest with wide wings that help cradle the
patient’s shoulders to the wide chair base that
provides amazing stability when lifting.
‘Most importantly, we now have a dental
unit that will help ensure an inclusive patient
experience across the board. The A-dec 500 was
the ideal option for us.’

A-dec takes pride in ensuring its range of
reliable and inclusive equipment exceeds the
expectations of its customers, but also believes
that this should always extend to their patients.
The company understands that for some
patients, visiting the dentist may come with its
own set of challenges, and so A-dec applies that
understanding to its design process, ensuring
every patient experience is a positive one.

Marshall A, Loescher A, Marshman Z (2016) A
scoping review of the implications of adult
obesity in the delivery and acceptance of dental
care. Br Dent J 221(5): 251-255
Reilly D, Boyle C, Craig D (2009) Obesity and
dentistry: a growing problem. Br Dent J 207:

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