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09 May 2024

Introducing the iWave Interdental Brushes: Swiss Precision for Superior Oral Health

Oraldent and Billion Dollar Smile Hall: 5 Stand: E60
Introducing the iWave Interdental Brushes: Swiss Precision for Superior Oral Health
iWave interdental brushes

Oraldent is delighted to present its long-standing best-seller, the iWave Interdental Brushes. Crafted with Swiss precision, these interdental brushes are available in a pack of five, featuring nine colour-coded sizes to provide a tailored cleaning experience that meets individual needs.

The iWave Interdental Brushes are engineered for outstanding performance in oral healthcare. These brushes are specifically designed to effectively remove plaque from between the teeth, areas often overlooked by regular toothbrushes and dental floss, thereby significantly reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease.

Each iWave brush features a bendable plastic-coated surgical wire, gentle yet effective on teeth and gums, making them particularly suitable for those with dental implants and orthodontic bands. The design includes flexible handles that are easy to hold, ensuring comprehensive cleaning and optimal oral health protection.

iWave Interdental Brushes are perfect for maintaining dental hygiene on the go. Each brush includes its own hygienic cap, making them ideal travel companions and assisting patients in maintaining consistent interdental care routines. The flexibility and convenience of the iWave ensure that users can effortlessly sustain a healthy oral care regimen, wherever they are.

Oraldent invites dental professionals and consumers alike to discover the benefits of the iWave Interdental Brushes at the British Dental Conference and Exhibition. Join us at Stand E60 for a hands-on experience and learn how iWave can enhance your oral health regimen, including information about trial packs and chair-side options.

For more information about the iWave Interdental Brush, please visit, call 01480 862080, or email

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