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09 May 2024

Introducing Xerostom Topical Mucosa Gel: Innovative Relief for Dry and Sore Mouth, Available Now from Oraldent

Oraldent and Billion Dollar Smile Hall: 5 Stand: E60
Introducing Xerostom Topical Mucosa Gel: Innovative Relief for Dry and Sore Mouth, Available Now from Oraldent
Xerostom Mucosa Gel

Oraldent is proud to introduce the Xerostom Topical Mucosa Gel, a premium solution for maintaining oral hydration, now prominently featured at the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show, Stand E60. Priced at just £10.99, this 50ml topical gel is crafted using innovative technology, antioxidants, and natural hydrators, designed to reinforce the health of your oral lining.

The Xerostom Topical Mucosa Gel is dedicated to providing a path to better oral health by creating a protective layer that ensures continuous moisture. This layer helps soothe the oral cavity and manage the symptoms of dry mouth effectively. Its formulation encourages natural moisture and safeguards oral microflora, contributing to overall oral comfort. This gel is designed to assist with a sore or inflamed mouth, known in its more severe form as mucositis, offering relief and support where it's most needed.

"Xerostom Topical Mucosa Gel not only helps to enhance natural saliva production but also maintains the delicate balance of oral flora, ensuring lasting oral hydration," said Richard Thomas, the Managing Director of Oraldent. "It is formulated to be free from common irritants and features a mild olive oil and lemon aroma, with Xylitol to combat bacteria, and a blend of Panthenol and Vitamin E, making it perfect for daily use."

The gel's pH-neutral, acid-free, and sugar-free formulation makes it suitable for those seeking gentle yet effective relief from dry mouth symptoms and conditions associated with mucositis. It supports natural saliva production with its patented Saliactive complex, providing immediate comfort and long-lasting hydration.

Oraldent invites dental professionals to discover the benefits of the Xerostom Topical Mucosa Gel and explore the broader Xerostom range. Attendees of the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show can experience the product firsthand, learn more about its unique properties, and take advantage of special offers.

For more information or to purchase, please visit, call 01480 862080, or email

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