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Invisalign Smile Architect Software

Align Technology Stand: B30
Invisalign Smile Architect Software

This provides doctors with a complete ecosystem for combined visual orthodontic treatment planning and restorative dental care. Integrating tooth movement as part of restorative treatments can deliver healthier and longer lasting outcomes.

The technology combines smile design, digital tools and treatment planning to help Invisalign providers achieve the best clinical results. This includes key integrated functions: specific 3D modifications to facilitate ortho-restorative analysis and restoration, as well as multi-layer visualisation of the dental mass.

The software also leverages enhanced visualisation to make complex, multi-step treatment plans easy for patients to understand, inspire treatment acceptance, to help clinicians achieve their desired smile design goals with greater predictability and provide exceptional patient experiences.

Invisalign Smile Architect also assists doctors in designing an end-to-end approach for their patients, with minimally invasive treatment plans that preserve the healthy, natural structure of the tooth. With the ClinCheck® In-Face Visualization tool, doctors receive a facial rendering that they can use for treatment planning and help patients visualise their smile after both Invisalign treatment and restorative dental treatment.


The software can transform digital treatment planning by providing doctors with greater flexibility, consistency of treatment preferences, and real-time treatment plan access and modification capabilities. This enables doctors to plan the case with the end treatment goal in mind, in harmony with the patients’ face, and enable excellent outcomes while preserving healthy tooth structure.

Prosthodontist Dr. Luis Maria Ilzarbe Ripoll from Spain explains:

 “To me, Invisalign Smile Architect is the missing piece in the puzzle of my dentistry toolkit because it gives me everything I need:  pictures, scans, lines, restorative movements, teeth alignment movements – all in one platform.

I can put the restorative frame into my ClinCheck software treatment plan, which gives me more information to improve results and clinical outcomes. Importantly it gives me more information on why, where and when I’m moving teeth to preserve tissue and this additional information has improved my ability to communicate with my patients.

The Invisalign Smile Architect software allows me to present my treatment plan to both my dental technicians and patients from just one platform. My practice is digital, and I often take my work home with me. Now I can plan in a faster, more predictable way using the new platform, which allows more time for my life outside dentistry.

Another major benefit is that Invisalign Smile Architect allows every member of my multi-disciplinary practice team to have all the information they need in one platform for team meetings, plus it allows me to speak to patients in a language they understand, and to communicate all the decisions I’m taking by showing them the outcome on the 3D model of their face.”

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