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The Mandibular Snoring Inhibitor: The Essence of DB Orthodontics’ DNA

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The Mandibular Snoring Inhibitor: The Essence of DB Orthodontics’ DNA
The MSi encapsulates the spirit of DB Orthodontics: collaboration, precision and innovation.

The MSi; a mandibular advancement device (MAD), transforms the lives of snorers and sleep apnoea sufferers and is developed in collaboration with Product Expert Phil Chapman. Featured in case discussions in Consultant Orthodontist Dr Arti Hindocha’s upcoming snoring and sleep apnoea course, this groundbreaking appliance provides clinicians with reliable durability, time-saving advantages for both patient and clinician and improved patient compliance and comfort.

A simple, safe and cost-effective alternative to CPAP

In Dr Arti Hindocha’s latest article featured in Clinical Dentistry, Dr Hindocha shares how,” mandibular advancement devices [act] as a simple, safe and cost-effective alternative to continuous positive airway pressure for patients suffering from mild, moderate and occasionally severe obstructive sleep apnoea”. In the article, she also explains why the MSi is her chosen MAD.

Arti says, “Selecting the right MAD for a patient can be challenging for clinicians unfamiliar with the options. Fortunately, the MSi appliance simplifies this process by addressing many common fitting challenges.”

Arti explains how key factors such as a comfortable design that allows lips to close over the appliance reduces the risk of dry mouth and the need for mouth breathing. She also explains that durability makes the MSi ideal for patients who grind their teeth, reducing the risk of breakage which can be common with MADs.

Case study

A recent case study, highlights how offering mandibular advancement devices is a rewarding area of treatment.

“A female patient with a diagnosis of severe sleep apnoea and concomitant hypertension presented to my clinic for treatment. The patient also reported significant social embarrassment related to the condition. Polysomnography confirmed the diagnosis, with an AHI of 37 events/hour. After three months of nightly use of a mandibular advancement splint (MAS), repeat polysomnography demonstrated a significant improvement in AHI to 9 events/hour, consistent with mild sleep apnoea. Her ESS score reduced from 18 to 8. This improvement in sleep apnoea severity was accompanied by a notable reduction in blood pressure and subjective improvements in sleep quality and overall health.”

The MSi offers significant time-saving benefits for clinicians due to its simple fitting process and wide adjustment range of 11mm, reducing the need for returns to lab. It includes a bespoke 'BiteRight' jig for precise fitting. Its easy-to-clean screw mechanism promotes good oral hygiene and is extremely durable, reducing the risk of breakage compared to other devices.

Dentists and orthodontists are increasingly integrating sleep apnoea treatment into their practices, offering substantial benefits in collaborative care. By actively screening for sleep apnoea, using proper diagnostic tools, and collaborating with medical teams, clinicians can safely treat OSA with mandibular advancement devices. DB Orthodontics are also delighted to be offering educational courses on this growing area of treatment, empowering clinicians to provide life-saving care and enhance patient well-being.

Learn more about DB Orthodontics at the Birmingham Dentistry Show.

This Dentistry Show, DB Orthodontics invites you to discover how the Mandibular Snoring Inhibitor is guaranteed to benefit your practice and transform your patients’ lives. Over two days you’ll find demonstrations, tips and tricks on their latest products, and much more.

The DB team will be sharing many innovative products including Iconic Align and Iconic Lux, incorporating advanced thermoforming materials and technology, plus durable photography products, including Gold Retractors that look as good as new even after 1000 sterilisation cycles.

DB Orthodontics are also uniquely placed to offer precision in metal 3D printing with DB Digital Solutions' innovative orthodontic products, reducing necessary appointment times and enhancing patient comfort.

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As Dr. Arti Hindocha's courses on snoring, sleep apnoea and IPR are filling up quickly, early booking is recommended. 

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