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16 Jan 2024

New app for everyone in Dentistry launching 2024

Smartily Stand: H70
New app for everyone in Dentistry launching 2024
We are excited to launch our new app in 2024!! Its free for everyone in Dentistry in the UK.

For eight years I've been planning this app. This is the app that I think everyone in Dentistry should have in their pocket.

I wanted to find a solution to three stresses in our professional lives:

Keeping track of our CPD to make sure we are complaint with our workplaces and the GDC

Practices managers wasting so much time chasing colleagues, designing complex spreasheets, inputting data yet again. Practices managers often feel its their responsability to log and track all registrants CPD, its actually our job!

A central place for educators to target advertise their courses to those who really want it.

We are on the lookout for 50 Beta testers, 50 practices and 50 course providers to try to break our system!

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