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09 May 2024

Open Dental Implant guide by ROOTT

ROOTT Implants Hall: 5 Stand: F84
Open Dental Implant guide by ROOTT
Surgical guide by ROOTT
Open surgical guide provides open view and full access to the irrigation process

The guide is custom made starting with the CBCT scan and digital mouth scans, specialised software is then used to fabricate using CAD/CAM technology ensuring high precision.

During surgery, the guide is placed over the patient's teeth, gingiva, or bone, guiding drills and implants to pre-planned positions with great accuracy. Surgical guides streamline the process, saving time and improving predictability while enhancing the success rate of the procedure.

Our open guide design not only provides an open view and accessibility of the operation area but also has full access to the irrigation process, making it more efficient.

Furthermore, it makes the anesthesia process accessible while the guide is in the mouth, contributing to a smoother and more comfortable surgical experience. Surgical guides can enable flap or flap-less surgery, reducing post-operative discomfort, swelling and promoting faster healing time, thereby optimizing the overall patient experience.
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