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26 Mar 2024

Unlock Endless Freshness with Kent Brushes' Oral Health Subscription

Kent Oral Care Hall: 5 Stand: H66
Unlock Endless Freshness with Kent Brushes' Oral Health Subscription
Unlock endless freshness with Kent Brushes' oral health subscription
Join the future of oral hygiene with Kent Brushes' revolutionary oral health subscription range, featuring the exclusive subscribe and save model.

This carefully chosen selection includes premium toothpaste, tablets, mouthwash, and more. With each product designed to elevate your patients' daily oral care routine.

With the 'subscribe and save' ideology, Kent Brushes offers its customers 10% off, making state-of-the-art oral care more affordable. The beauty of this subscription lies in its convenience: receive essential oral care products, from toothpaste to mouthwash, on your doorstep.

This subscription service is tailored for flexibility and customisation. Control every aspect of the subscription, from product selection to delivery frequency.

Whether it's adjusting the quantity, changing the delivery address, or even pausing the subscription, Kent Brushes puts subscribers in the driver's seat. They can enjoy the freedom to modify or cancel their plan anytime, with changes easily made in their account.

The Kent oral health subscription range is the gateway to consistent, quality oral care without the hassle. From toothpaste that tackles stains and is suitable for sensitivity sufferers, and tablets that provide a fluoride boost without waste, to mouthwash that fights bacteria and freshens the mouth, every product is crafted to perfection.

All you need in one neat package:

  • BRILLIANT whitening toothpaste
  • BRILLIANT toothpaste tablets refill packs
  • BRILLIANT mouthwash concentrate.

Embrace a smarter way to care for your oral health with Kent Brushes. With subscribe and save, subscribers are not just purchasing products; they are investing in a lifestyle that balances well-being and convenience.

Let the journey towards a healthier, brighter smile begin today with the Kent oral health subscription range.

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