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Planmeca – Luke Broadhurst – Marketing Director

We come to this show on a regular basis because we find that over the two days it brings in a mixture of the Dentists from Endodontists to Impact Dentists to Private Dentists, it brings everybody in through the doors, and because we have such a diverse product portfolio, we meet every category. This show allows us to get in front of customers over the course of two days.

It's been very busy, I think the collaboration with the BDA has been a very good move, we've had lots of positive feedback about that and it is very busy. The collaboration is fantastic, it's been called for, for a long time. It's great because it brings the whole profession together, which is what we should be doing, both in terms of exhibitors and delegates.

Acteon – Scott Rogers – Territory Manager

We always come to this show, and usually have a similar presence at the show each year. However, the combination with the BDA was a particular plus for this year, it's increased footfall. It's definitely a positive thing, amalgamating it into this has been great. Footfall has been really good, and we've been meeting high-quality leads during our demos. I really think this show is better than the BDIA.

GSK – Hannah Wilson – Regional Expert Sales Manager

We come here because we get quality interactions with dental healthcare professionals, everyone from dentists, hygienists, also having the DTS is really key for us. So, for us it's about being able to have quality interactions, but also showcase products and get the science of them out there. There's been a lot of these people as well, it's been extremely busy.

Having the BDA collaboration seems to have made the show busier. It's been great, it's been busy from the moment the show opens. We go to a lot of shows, here and abroad. This is definitely the show of the year, the biggest conference for us without doubt.

Simplyhealth – James Lavington – Area Manager

It's the place to do business. We're looking for new business, we're meeting a handful of existing clients, that's why we're here. It's getting nice and busy, we're very busy right now. We're targeting dentists mainly, but we are seeing practice team members as well, so it’s a good mix for us, which works for us.                                                             

We've come here before, and generally find it works well for us. The change with bringing the BDA conference in should bring in more people to be in the right place at the right time

Icon/Stoddard – Michael Stoddard – Managing Director

We came last year and found it was very good and it's been busy so far. We meet the right type of people here, which is nice. I think the collaboration with the BDA is a really good thing. 

Henry Schein – Daniel Laverty – Regional Sales Manager

This is a historical thing for Henry Schein, we've exhibited every year that it's been going. It's been very busy so far this year – there's a lot of people around the stand and we have a great location. The people we've spoken to are definitely the right sort of people.

From what I've heard about the BDA collaboration, it's helped the event become the pivotal event of the year.

Software of Excellence – Lottie Abbot – head of marketing

We've come every year, we wouldn't not come. It gives us a great chance to speak to a lot of our customers face to face. A lot of our sales team and consultants work in the office, so they don't always get the chance to meet customers. So it's nice to come here and have a chat with them, catch up and deliver face-to-face consultancy. It also helps us see what else is going on in the market. We're the market leaders in dental software so we couldn't really not be at the event.

It's definitely the right sort of people – we've seen continued improvement in that here at the show in the last few years, more decision makers, which helps the sales guys later down the line. They're having really good conversations. The BDA collaboration means that it is definitely busier, I think.

Colgate – Shelley Bowman – Oral health Liaison Manager

We come every year, it's really to speak to the profession about our new products, to re-align our products with the UK guidelines. It's really successful for us, particularly by using our seminars. A lot of the profession is here, particularly for the guys in our team that visit dental practices.

The BDA collaboration has made the show better, it was a bit much having two shows in one month – it's preferable for us for sure.

Philips – Victoria Godfrey – Regional Manager

We've come here for brand awareness. This year we're sampling our brand new toothbrush, so it's all about getting the toothbrush into dental professionals' hands, getting them use it, which hopefully will get them recommending it to their patients.

It's very very busy on the stand, we're giving away a £70 toothbrush, which is huge for us, so we advertised it in the lead up to the show, and we've attracted a lot of people. We're ensuring the delegates use it first.

We've got a lot of dental professionals here, and everybody who comes to the show is valuable to us, we're happy with everyone on the stand, which is useful to us. Having the collaboration with the BDA has been a major plus – it's so much busier and we like that a lot.


Dental Directory – Maria Kelly – Events Organiser

We come here because it's a high profile show and in previous years we've sold on the day, and it increases brand profile for us as well. It's been very busy, obviously, we need to look at the sales figures, but it's definitely been busy so far.

It's been the right sort of people for sure – the sales guys have said from previous events that they do meet the right sort of people. The BDA collaboration has drawn in more people, and a different demographic as well, who will definitely come in and then look around the exhibition as well.


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