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Coswell S.p.A.

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  • Prevention & Oral Hygiene
  • Mouthwash & rinses
  • Toothpaste
  • Manual Toothbrushes
  • Interdental cleaning
Coswell S.p.A.

Biorepair, developed in the Coswell laboratories in collaboration with the University of Bologna (Italy), is a of fluoride-free toothpastes, mouthwashes and accessories based on a patented active ingredient named microRepair® that is able to bind to teeth surface and actually repair the enamel. microRepair® is made of biomimetic synthetic Zinc-substituted Hydroxyapatite with clinically proven specific properties (remineralizing, desensitizing, antibacterial action).
Many dentists consider microRepair® as the most important innovation in Oral Care over the past 50 years: Biorepair toothpaste is the one and only that repairs 100% of the enamel from the first use!


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  • Toothpaste with microRepair®BIOMA enhanced with probiotics with innovative action support the maintenance of the normal oral microbiota and help prevent inflammation and gingival bleeding. Biorepair® ...
  • Biorepair® Plus Parodontgel protects and hydrates the tissues of the mouth to offer quick relief from inflamed, reddened and bleeding gums. Biorepair® Plus Parodontgel is the toothpaste with microRepa ...
  • Biorepair® Plus Sensitive Teeth thanks to microRepair®, repairs the tooth enamel chemically bonding with it and dentin, closing the tubules and preventing the thermal stimuli to reach the nerve on the ...
  • Biorepair® Total Protection Plus is the toothpaste with microRepair®, active biomimetic hydroxyapatite micro-particles that are similar to the composition found in our teeth, that are able to penetrat ...
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