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Emerald by Erchonia

Hall: 5 Stand: N55

With 27+ years of experience and 22 US FDA-clearances, Erchonia are world leaders in science based medical-grade Laser technology for aesthetics clinics, physicians, chiropractors, and many other health & wellness professionals. Our range of non-thermal Lasers are used in many areas, including fat loss/body sculpting, skin accelerated healing and more.

The only company with 6 gold standard 'Level One (510K)' Randomised, Double Blind FDA market clearances for FAT LOSS, and the only company with an FDA clearance for up to 40 BMI on overall body circumference.


Erchonia Lasers Ltd
Howbery Business Park
Benson Lane
OX10 8BA
United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • FX405

    02 Apr 2024
    The FX 405 Laser is distinguished by its dual-wavelength technology, combining 405nm violet and 635nm red laser light to offer a multifaceted approach to healing and rehabilitation. This unique combin ...
  • EVRL

    02 Apr 2024
    Standing at the cutting edge of medical technology, the EVRL Laser is engineered to cater to a broad spectrum of therapeutic applications, marking a significant leap forward in non-invasive treatment ...
  • Emerald Laser

    02 Apr 2024
    Erchonia Corporation, a global leader in the development of non-thermal laser therapy technology, is proud to introduce the Emerald Laser, the latest innovation in non-invasive fat loss and body conto ...
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