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Smartee, established in 2004 is a leading provider of aligners in China. Treating over one million patients worldwide, Smartee was the first company to introduce 3D printing in clear aligner production in China.

Smartee provides doctors with comprehensive support ranging from treatment plan design and case management. 

Collaborating with Prof. Gang Shen Smartee developed 'Smartee GS' which provides orthodontists with mandibular repositioning technology helping to treat facial prognathism, retrognathism and mandibular deviation.

Using AI technology, Smartee have developed advanced technologies that can create more precise, effective treatment plans including:

iFast, Root Visualization Tool, CEPH Measurement Tool and a Pre-Refinement Evaluator


Forestadent Ltd, Unit 1 Crossinglands Business Park, Salford Road, Aspley Guise,
Milton Keynes
MK17 8HZ
United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • Smartee Kinder & Teen

    24 Apr 2024
    Disney IP authorized the Smartee product series, focusing on early age orthodontics.
  • Smartee GS

    24 Apr 2024
    Smartee GS is focusing on the mandibular repositioning solution, minimising tooth extraction and surgery. 
  • Smartee α

    24 Apr 2024
    Smartee α, daytime and nighttime aligners 
  • Smartee Ge

    24 Apr 2024
    Ge, Smartee's classic orthodontic product
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