Dentistry Show Birmingham 13th - 14th May 2022

Dentistry Show Birmingham 13th - 14th May 2022

Resources for dental professionals during Covid-19

17 Apr 2020

Resources for dental professionals during Covid-19

Sophie Chalk
Stay in the Know

Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer for England, presented a webinar on 3rd April 2020, which was watched by more than 10,300 people. Sara stated how impressed she is by members of the profession who have “fulfilled their responsibilities as true role models and clinical leaders in their communities”. Sara was joined by colleagues Matt Neligan, Eric Rooney, Sana Movahedi and Linda Dempster to answer key questions relating to the dental profession, including the continuation of NHS funding, the practicalities of redeploying staff, aerosol/droplet clarification and the key steps being taken to provide the further guidance that the profession needs going forwards. You can view the full webinar here:

For the latest information from NHS England, please click here

The latest letters published by Sara and Matt are also available here

The latest COVID-19 guidance and operating procedures for urgent dental care systems, as well as the Preparedness letter for primary dental care from NHS England are both available here

The British Dental Association (BDA) also offers guidance for dental practices, which is again updated regularly. The team is aiming to answer questions and concerns they receive from members, offering everyone advice on key areas.


Training/support is available from Health Education England for dental professionals who are willing and able to redeploy and transfer their skills. There are several webpages that contain live documents which are routinely updated, including

Coronavirus Information

Redeploying the Clinical Dental Workforce

An online questionnaire is available for dental professionals to complete in order to register your interest.

The General Dental Council (GDC) also provides a useful resource with support for businesses and individuals. The page continues links to an array of appropriate websites for those in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

For more general information and advice, and somewhere to direct patients who you may be communicating with virtually, the UK government website is key. It includes details on social distancing and what people can/can’t do.

Stay positive

Such a time as this can affect everyone’s mental health, so it’s important to lead by example and to stay positive. There are some truly inspirational stories out there of people selflessly going the extra mile. There is also an opportunity to pause and reflect, providing a chance to recharge and move forward with greater focus on what means most to us.

We wanted to bring some of the good news stories to light to bring everyone some positive vibes. Read on to see how the dental profession is transferring skills to support essential healthcare services, as well as how industry partners and business are doing their bit.

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