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05 Feb 2024

The crucial partnership: fostering trust between dental colleagues for optimal patient care

The crucial partnership: fostering trust between dental colleagues for optimal patient care

In any modern workplace, the ability to work effectively as part of a team is an essential skill, and dental practices are no exception. This is why Rebecca Silver, Dental Nurse Educator and Founder of Dental Nurse Guru, has chosen collaboration and trust within the dental team as the topic of her lecture at this year’s British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show (BDCDS).  

With over 14 years’ worth of experience in dentistry, Rebecca is especially passionate about education and training for dental nurses and wants to ensure that dental nurses are recognised by all as a crucial part of the dental team. “As in many professions, there can sometimes be a sense of ‘hierarchy’ in dentistry, and this can affect the morale of both the team and the patients. Having trust in your dental colleagues will benefit the team and the practice as a whole. Building that trust starts with understanding everyone’s role within the dental practice and having confidence in their abilities.” 

According to Rebecca, this focus on workplace culture could also help practices struggling with recruitment and retention. “Feeling trusted at work really helps to foster a sense of job satisfaction which can help with staff retention, as one common reason that people choose to leave a job is due to lack of contentment.”  

In her speaking session at BDCDS, Rebecca will also look at how building trust within the dental team can have a positive impact on patient care, and will share some practical tips on how to achieve this. “Fostering trust in the dental team is all about creating a sense of confidence in the team’s ability to provide the best care, which is crucial for the patient experience. My main piece of advice would be to have clear communication to ensure that everyone is on the same page about things like patient care, appointments and diary management, and any potential challenges that may affect the team or the practice. This kind of open communication will help foster a collaborative and supportive work environment.” 

Rebecca hopes her presentation will be helpful to all members of the dental team, especially practice owners or those in a management position. “Sometimes I think we, as dental professionals, can become very fixated on our own busy day-to-day work routines that we forget there is a very competent team we can use for support and guidance. Utilising everyone to their full scope of practice and capabilities will increase practice efficiency and allow us to provide the best possible care for our patients.” 

You can see Rebecca Silver’s session, ‘The crucial partnership: fostering trust between dental colleagues for optimal patient care’, in the Dental Nurses’ Forum on Saturday 18th May at this year’s British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show.  

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