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23 Jul 2020

DD partners with AeraMax Professional to clear the air in dental practices

DD partners with AeraMax Professional to clear the air in dental practices

DD, the leading full-service supplier of dentistry equipment and business services, has been appointed exclusive distributor of AeraMax® Professional air purifiers by global manufacturer Fellowes Brands.  


The agreement means DD will be the sole supplier of the air treatment systems to dental practices across the UK, joining a portfolio of over 27,000 products from leading brands such as Dentsply Sirona, 3M, Septodont, Schulke+, Colgate, TePe, Belmont and DD’s own brand UnoDent.


The rapid spread of COVID-19 has forced us all to rethink about our cleaning and hygiene regime.

In recent tests, researchers found viable coronavirus samples could live for up to two to three days on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces.

During these tests, the researchers also found the coronavirus could be detected in the air up to three hours after emission. It’s therefore safe to say that a complete hygiene solution should involve air, hand and surface cleaning.


AeraMax® Professional air purifiers effectively capture 99.97% of airborne contaminants, including flu viruses, germs, allergens and odours, resulting in clean air and a healthier environment for dental practice staff and patients.

AeraMax® Professional cleans the air in four steps. The pre-filter removes larger particles including dust. The activated carbon filter eliminates unpleasant medicinal odours from the practice. The HEPA filter captures particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) and also all bacteria, viruses and allergens. A plasma ioniser then electrically charges the last particles to enhance filtration and introduce noticeably clean air that smells fresher.

After installation of AeraMax Professional air purifiers in his practice, dentist Jaap Christiaansen soon identified a big change in the environment:  ’’Various measurements showed that the airborne contamination such as bacteria, viruses, particles and allergens were efficiently filtered out of the room; and the typical smell of the dental practice has been removed, quickly and quietly.


‘’In addition, patients and assistants have noticed a difference in the waiting room, where the typical smell of a dental practice is greatly reduced, allowing for the more anxious patients to wait at ease. AeraMax® Pro is an absolute must for anyone who appreciates a clean and healthy environment.’’


DD currently supply over 12,000 UK practices with an extensive range of dental products and supplies, including product solutions, training, compliance, equipment servicing and maintenance. The addition of AeraMax Professional air purifiers will mean that UK’s dental practices now have access to one of the most effective wall-mounted and best value air purification systems on the market.


AeraMax Professional can make an immediate impact in most indoor environments, including:

  • Dental treatment rooms - removing up to 99.97% of airborne contaminants
  • Waiting rooms - the patented EnviroSmart Technology automatically detects when to purify the air, reducing contaminants quickly and efficiently.
  • Changing rooms and toilets - Harmful germs and unpleasant smells make way for a cleaner, healthier environment


For further details on AeraMax Professional air purifiers, contact DD on 0800 585 586 or visit



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